Straight out of Little Havana

HAUTE HIGH is a lifestyle brand on a mission to spread one message,

"Vibe Higher".

By merging Art, Style & Culture, we aim to curate collections that encapsulate our ethos, to inspire the Next generation. We don't sell clothes, we sell timeless pieces to help the wearer amplify their voices; we dress the artists, the dreamers, the creatives, the activists, leaders and change makers.
The brand was born in Miami's East Little Havana in 2020 and nurtured in the Art Galleries of Calle Ocho, Wynwood and South Beach. Now we ship all over the world.
As a 1st generation immigrant, big dreams and hard work are at the bedrock of our foundation, and resilience is our Legacy. That resilience from the immigrant and marginalized communities molded our city and this is where we get our inspiration. Through minimalistic, and bold design elements, every garment produced expresses this philosophy. From our graphics to our messaging, the goal is to inspire the wearer and viewer to think outside the box, forge your own path and design the future you want.